1. 1. How do I use the InStyler as compared to my flat iron?

    The technique is similar in that you put your hair into the InStyler, you close it onto your hair, and then slowly move down the length of your hair. That is where the similarities end!! The rotating, heated, polishing barrel and bristles will do most of the work for you. Plus, you'll find that you can do much, much more with your InStyler than you could ever do with your flat iron.

  2. 2. My hair is coming out frizzy when I use my InStyler. What am I doing wrong?

    Go Slowly. Towel dry the hair thoroughly first, then comb and detangle your hair as much as possible. Position the InStyler so that the barrel rotates with the direction of your hair. Also, keep in mind to put as little tension as possible on the barrel. This will help keep frizz to a minimum. If you're still not getting the desired results, you may need to dry hair a bit more before using the InStyler.

  3. 3. Does the InStyler work on natural African American hair?

    Absolutely. You will get best results if your hair is combed and detangled first. The InStyler is a great tool for African American Hair because it will not leave crease marks like flat irons, and the polishing barrel and bristles will leave the hair looking shiny and beautiful. The InStyler is safe for any type of hair when used properly.

  4. 4. Can I use styling products before or after I use my InStyler?

    You can use any salon quality product with your InStyler, although we do not recommend using any oil-based products on your hair beforehand. A professional thermal protectant spray can be applied to the hair before you style, as well as any professional firm-up or styling spray to help hold the style.

  5. 5. The InStyler doesn't seem to be working on my ends. Am I doing something wrong?

    If you're having trouble styling the ends, try holding the InStyler there a little bit longer. The ends of the hair are normally the driest part of the hair, and can be a bit more difficult to style. It helps to use a good conditioner, especially on the ends to help infuse moisture. Also, if you have split ends, the hair may come out looking frizzy.

  6. 6. I see smoke coming from my hair! Is it burning my hair?

    No! The InStyler WET TO DRY is not burning your hair. This is just a byproduct of evaporation.

  7. 7. Can I use my InStyler with real human hair extensions?

    Yes. Make sure you start with your InStyler below where the extension is attached to your natural hair. Do not pull the InStyler through with any pressure, as you may pull out your extensions if not careful. NEVER use your InStyler with any synthetic hair extensions.

  8. 8. Can I use the InStyler WET TO DRY on already dry hair?

    Of course! In fact, you may get even better results.

  9. 9. How does the InStyler WET TO DRY work?

    The InStyler WET TO DRY dries hair by whisking water out of the hair strands, and then as the water travels up the rotating barrel, it is vented away safely and quickly. It does this as you style resulting in significantly less styling time.

  10. 10. What is the InStyler?

    The InStyler is a new hair styling tool that straightens, polishes and styles hair by means of a rotating heated barrel and brush bristles. This totally new design polishes the hair strands individually, creating amazing results that are much better than those they would have achieved using a flat iron, curling iron, or hot tool. The new design delivers great results without an extreme amount of heat or heavy styling products.

  11. 11. How is the InStyler different than my flat iron?

    Simple: A flat iron compresses, mashes and then literally bakes your hair between two extremely hot plates. The InStyler's rotating polishing barrel gives your hair the heat it needs to help style and straighten. Since the barrel is constantly moving, it won't "press and bake" like a traditional flat iron. The InStyler also features a heated, floating plate between the two rows of brushes. The plate automatically adjusts, allowing the hair to have more consistent contact with the barrel, without having to grip the unit so tightly. The result is less frizz and smoother, shinier hair with no creasing. The polishing barrel allows the InStyler to actually use less heat than a flat iron delivering better results including perfect flips, curls and loads of luscious volume.

  12. 12. I need a lot of heat to straighten my hair. Will the InStyler get hot enough?

    We get asked this question a lot, and we're very proud to say you can add this one to the old "hair styling myths" column! With the InStyler, you don't need a lot of heat to straighten and style your hair! The InStyler's unique design actually allows you to use less heat than you are used to, while still getting better results than you would with a flat iron or other hot tool. It's a totally new way of thinking about heat and your hair – you don't need the extreme heat to get the results you want. If you decide that you would like more heat, the InStyler has three different temperature settings.

  13. 13. Can I use the InStyler to curl hair?

    Absolutely! Simply by wrapping your hair around the rotating heated polishing barrel, and closing the InStyler, you can create great curls!

  14. 14. The heated polishing barrel rotates. Can my hair get tangled?

    No. The surface of the rotating heated polishing barrel is totally smooth, so your hair will not get tangled.

  15. 15. What is the diameter of the heated barrel?

    The InStyler WET TO DRY is available in two sizes - ¾" (19mm) or 1 ¼" (32mm).

  16. 16. What are the bristles made of?

    The bristles are made of heat resistant nylon.

  17. 17. What is the power of the InStyler?

    The InStyler is 120V, 60Hz and 50 Watts.

  18. 18. How do I turn the InStyler on?

    Check to make sure your InStyler is plugged in. Press the Power button. The LED bars should light and begin flashing. Once the LED stops flashing the InStyler is ready to go. You must close the handle to begin the rotation.

  19. 19. How do I get my InStyler to rotate?

    You must close the handle to start the rotation. The rotation will start automatically.

  20. 20. What if my InStyler does not heat?

    Check to make sure your InStyler is plugged in. Press the Power button. The LED bars should light and start flashing. When the LED stops flashing the InStyler will be at the set temperature and ready to use.

  21. 21. When I use my InStyler, why does the temperature LED start to flash?

    It is normal for the heat to fluctuate during use. As long as the InStyler has been allowed to reach full heat (steady LED) after powering on, you can continue to use your InStyler while it is flashing.

  22. 22. How do I clean my InStyler?

    When cleaning your InStyler, disconnect it from the power source and make sure it has completely cooled. Wipe the outside surface only with a soft damp cloth. Be sure to wring out all excess water before applying it to the InStyler. Clean more severe dirt by using a soft, damp cloth with a mild soap. Bristles can be lightly scrubbed if necessary with a damp cloth to remove any built up product and any residual hair left in the bristles should be removed. The barrel can be wiped down with a soft, damp cloth. Use a mild soap if necessary. Make sure the InStyler is completely dry before plugging into any power source.